Snowboarding Tips


Starting out at snowboarding can seem like a challenging task at first, but with these few easy tips when starting out can make a huge difference, and you will be riding those slopes with confidence in no time.

Learn to Skate Well

The skating referred to here is not skateboarding. If this is your first time up the mountain on a snowboard, you might not know that it is necessary to enter and exit the lifts with one foot out of the snowboard. Even if there were no need for that, it would be extremely difficult to approach the lift with both feet strapped in. The most common time snowboarders need to skate is when they are a beginner, but sometimes, they will need it to move along slight up-hills and flat points as well. While skating, keep the front foot strapped into the binding and the back foot left free. Use the back foot to push along, which is why the term skating is used.

Take Lessons

Even if it is just one lesson, take it. If you can, take more. There are several benefits to taking snowboarding lessons. If you plan on doing ten days on the mountain, do nine instead and spend that one extra day on a lesson because it is absolutely worth the money and time. Such lessons can teach you a lot.

• The proper snowboarding technique from the very beginning
• Get instant feedback as to whether you are doing everything right. This is exceptionally essential and something that cannot be done from looking up how to ride online4
• If teaching yourself how to snowboard, you might not be sure where to start. You might end up doing things that are extremely hard to do if you have not done other stuff first. This can ultimately lead to a loss of confidence and bad technique. Instructors will teach how to do things in the most logical order.

Bend The Knees

Bend The Knees

One of the primary reasons for beginners to fall, especially on more challenging terrain, is that they are not bending their knees or are not bending them enough. With bent knees, it is possible to absorb any bumps much more effectively. Falling is not failing, on the contrary, it means that you are improving. However, there is no need to fall just because you are too upright – so ensure to keep your knees bent.

Ride Across The Slope

Most amateurs make a common mistake because they go out of control and build up too much speed, which prompts them to crash involuntarily or voluntarily to stop. If you are riding across the slope instead of straight down it, it is possible to control the speed naturally. If you are still picking up too much speed, use that momentum to go back up the slope so that you can slow yourself down.

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